20170606045349 170517 Museum Satwa Snow Leopard2

Snow Leopard

The cats that roam near our homes are usually small and short-haired, although for some species there are long-haired ones....

20170606050252 Red Fox

Red Fox

ed Fox is an animal that living in cold and snowy weather. This animal is able to survive in 0...

20170606045802 Galeri Fosil

Galeri Fosil

Berjuta-juta tahun yang lalu. Hewan-hewan yang berukuran besar hidup menguasai bumi. Ukurannya yang sangat besar bahkan ada yang mencapai tinggi...

20170606050206 Macan Tutul Jawa

Harimau Sumatra

Indonesia has some well-known tiger species. Unfortunately, two of them have been declared extinct such as the Javan Tiger and...

20170606050053 Imperial Eagle

Imperial Eagle

This animal is famous to all corners of the world. Imperial Eagle comes from Europe to central Asia. This bird...

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