20171215034934 13 Bomb Hunter

Bomb Hunter

Keep your eyes open and be alert, there are a lot of bombs that needs to be disarmed! These bombs...

20171215032324 4 Lets Smash

Let’s Smash

Prove that playing tennis doesn’t require a wide field and expensive gear! Here you can play virtual tennis as well...

20180601072535 Mewarnai Aquarium

Aqua Sketch

Fun Tech Plaza is full of magic. Can you believe that we can color a fish drawing and then it...

20171215032730 11 Laser Action

Laser Action

Test your speed and agility avoiding the lasers with your friends! This is the time to be an amazing spy...

20171215032614 9 Zumba Dance

Zumba Dance

Being healthy was never this fun! In the Zumba Dance attraction, you can Zumba dance by following the instructions on...

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